Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions from users. If you have a question that does not appear in this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What COVID-19 health security measures have been taken at the Petit Palace Boquería Garden?

    At the Petit Palace Boquería Garden we have adopted numerous measures to take care of you and take care of ourselves, such as hotel health insurance, online pre-check-in, social distance markers, disinfection of suitcases, partitions, temperature taking for customers, security amenities kit, key disinfection, hydrogel dispensers, mandatory use of masks by clients and staff, more intensive room cleaning, breakfast with room service, PPE available, capacity control, uniform cleaning at 60ºC ...

  • Is the Petit Palace Boquería Garden a pet friendly hotel that allows the accommodation of pets?

    Yes, the Petit Palace Boquería Garden is a pet friendly hotel in Madrid that allows pets. We offer a bed, bowl and food for your pet.

  • Can I stay at the Petit Palace Boquería Garden once I have checked out?

    Yes, the Petit Palace Boquería Garden allows a free flexible departure time on Sundays and Mondays until 3:00 p.m. upon availability. Confirm conditions with reception.

  • What interesting places are close to the Petit Palace Boquería Garden?

    Located in Calle Boquería 10, Ciutat Vella is the area of Barcelona where you will find Petit Palace Boquería Garden. Here you can enjoy pleasant terraces, Barcelona-style tapas bars in their purest form, and restaurants with the most exotic cuisines on the planet. The Boquería Market is perhaps the best-known attraction in Ciutat Vella, but it is not alone. Some other important areas to visit include Moja Palace, the Canaletas fountain, Virreina Palace, the Filmoteca de Catalunya, the Sant Pau del Camp Monastery, the Liceo Grand Theatre, the modernist mansion at the Güell Palace, the Catalunya Library, and the Santa Monica Art Center. All of these sites ensure unforgettable moments. And just steps from the hotel is Las Ramblas, the great artery in the centre of the city that goes from Plaza de Catalunya to the monument of Columbus. It is divided into smaller areas which include Ramblas de Canaletes, Estudis, Sant Josep, Caputxins, Santa Mónica and de Mar. In Las Ramblas you can enjoy a myriad of shops, flower stalls, and restaurants.

  • What special room services does the Petit Palace Boquería Garden have?

    The Petit Palace Boquería Garden offers you some special services such as bicycle rental, MIFI, Wi-Fi, room service, 24 hours reception, piano bar...

  • Does the internet Wi-Fi connection have any cost at the Petit Palace Boqueria Garden ?

    Clients' internet connection is free at the Petit Palace Boqueria Garden. In addition, our hotel in Madrid offers a MIFI service, internet with free data throughout the city.

  • Is the Petit Palace Boquería Garden adapted to accommodate guests with accessibility needs?

    Yes, the Petit Palace Boquería Garden hotel is a hotel adapted for people with disabilities. Check with the hotel reception for adapted services and facilities such as rooms for people with reduced mobility.

  • What kind of family services with children does the offer?

    The Petit Palace Boquería Garden is a Barcelona hotel ideal for families with children. We have family rooms for up to 6 people, free breakfast for children booking on the official website, gifts for children ...